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Research and Scholarship    
Research and scholarship is a highlight in the Department of Business Administration at MUM.

Please visit the Center for Management Research below and browse the published articles, conference proceedings, books, and more, listed by subject category. Our research here at MUM is guided by very high ethical principles. Please click for details.

Also, feel free to view the references for the most recent publications authored by our faculty, and PhD dissertations by our PhD students, as well as articles published on the Internet by our faculty on the topic of Information Systems. These Internet articles are entitled:
In July 2013, we sponsored a symposium at MUM, enititled the Deep Green Business Symposium. The videos of this symposium are available to view online.
We are always looking to expand our research. Please see our list of Projects Seeking Donors. Thank you!
The Center for Management Research
The Center for Management Research administers and sponsors research that investigates the impact of Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness on individual and organizational performance. The most well-researched of these technologies of consciousness is the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Through its guidance of interdisciplinary research projects, research seminars, and conferences, the Center provides a focal point for research on topics related to consciousness and management. These topics are divided into four areas:
The Center has received contributions from private donors and foundations interested in these topics, as well as contract support from companies that undertake in-house programs in the Maharishi Corporate Development ProgramSM and the Maharishi Corporate Revitalization ProgramSM.

The Center for Management Research is housed with the Department of Business Administration. The Center was founded by Charles N. Alexander and Gerald Swanson. It is currently directed by Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Professor in the Department of Business Administration. She was Editor of the Journal of Management Education from 2005 to 2012.

Recent Publications by our Business Faculty

Huang, A. & Herriott, S. R. 2013. Relational Governance: The Normative Element in Technology Licensing Contracts. Journal of Management Policy and Practice 14:4 (in press).

Smith, E. N., Heaton, D.P., and Schmidt-Wilk, J. 2012. Meditation Practice, Purpose, and Entrepreneurial Success" in the MSR symposium "Intersection of Spirituality/Religion and Entrepreneurship", Academy of Management Annual Meetings, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts.

Heaton, D. P., Travis, F. &  Subramaniam, R. 2012. A Consciousness-Based approach to management education for integrity. In C. Wankel and A. Stachowicz-Stanusch (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Teaching Ethics in Business and Management Education, pp. 66-79 .Hershey PA, IGI Global.

Heaton, D. P. & Subramaniam, R. 2012. An Eastern approach to the global problem of corruptibility. In C. Wankel and S. Malleck (Eds.), Ethical models and applications of globalization: Cultural, socio-political, and economic perspectives, pp. 89-99. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Wallace, P. G. & Heaton, D. A. 2012. Consciousness-Based approach to poverty elimination. Spanda Journal 3:1, 219-225. This special issue titled “Consciousness & Development 2.0” can be accessed at <www.spanda.org/SPANDAJOURNAL_C&D2.0_L.pdf>

Rao, M.H.S. & Bargerstock, A. 2011. Exploring the Role of Standard Costing in Lean Manufacturing Enterprises:  A Structuration Theory Approach. Management Accounting Quarterly 13:1, 47-60.

Heaton, D. & Heaton, C. 2011. Consciousness-Based Education: Cultivating sustainable minds. 2011 International Faith and Spirit at Work Conference, Theme: “Faith, Spirituality and Sustainability”. Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Harung. H.S., Travis, F., Blank, W., & Heaton D. P. (2009). Higher development, brain integration, and excellence in leadership. Management Decision, 47 (6), 872-894.Abstract

Herriott, E., Schmidt-Wilk, J. and Heaton, D. (2009). Spiritual dimensions of entrepreneurship in Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program practitioners. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, 6, 195-208. Abstract

Center for Management Research
Stress management and organization development:    
Effects of TM on psychological, physiological, and organizational variables at the worksite
Broome, J. R. N. (1995). Stress management and organization development: Effects of Transcendental Meditation on psychological, physiological, and organizational variables at the worksite. University of Cape Town (South Africa). Dissertation Abstracts International (58-09A, p. 3592).

The Transcendent Organization    
Gustavsson, B. (1992). The Transcendent Organization. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.

Elements of entrepreneurial success:    
The links among inner competencies, inner development and success
Herriott, E. M. (2000). Elements of entrepreneurial success: The links among inner competencies, inner development and success. Dissertation Abstracts International, (60, no. 12B, 6398).

The impact of the TM practice on medical expenditures    
Herron, Robert Emmanuel. (1993). The impact of Transcendental Meditation practice on medical expenditures. Dissertation Abstracts International, (53, no. 12A, 4219).

Self development and the spontaneous expression of leadership behaviors    
McCollum, B. C. (2000). Self development and the spontaneous expression of leadership behaviors. Unpublished dissertation, Department of Psychology, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA. Dissertation Abstracts International, (61, no. 04A, 1509).

The Maharishi Corporate Development Program    
Growth of experience and understanding in international top management teams
Schmidt-Wilk, J. (1996) The Maharishi Corporate Development Program: Growth of experience and understanding in international top management teams. (Dissertation abstract, Maharishi University of Management). Dissertation Abstracts International, (57-09A, 4031).


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