Monday, September 22, 2014
The Nature of Reflection
Reflecting on Language: My father had a passion for words that never dimmed. My clearest memory of him is seeing him sitting on the couch, reading, various dictionaries lined up on the couch beside him. Daddy had dictionaries for different purposes and liked to use them all. I inherited his love of words and am always curious about the etymology of words I encounter. I enjoy learning when words first appeared in English and how their defintions differ or change over time.
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Being Grateful

Often the words grateful and thankful are used interchangeably, yet the nuance of difference in their meaning intrigues me. I find myself drawn to the concept of feeling grateful. Somehow, this concept implies an inner experience that would precede the act of giving thanks, feeling being a more subtle level of experience than acting.

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Our Changing Language

I’m not French, so I don’t believe that language should remain inviolate. The English language, by the very nature of its origins, is a mishmash of adopted rules and lexicon, American English especially so. I enjoy the richness of the combined origins, and I also enjoy the fact that the language continues to change, but I do miss certain locutions.

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