Sunday, September 21, 2014


Following the Master’ Steps
The word Master ranges in meaning from perfecting to controlling  to owning. One could perfect a skill, control a situation, or, in the past, even own people (oh, the karma there!). In India, the word Master suggests a deeper level of perfecting, owning, and controlling–when those abilities are directed inward. A Master develops his (or her) own inner Being, the Self, coming to know that deep level of silence at  the source of all creation. A rare few are able to know this experience so fully that they are able to lead others to this experience. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  was such a Master.

I marvel that I was born during a time that Maharishi was alive and teaching on earth. He came out of India and taught the world how to transcend in a natural, systematic way, and, I believe, changed human destiny. Somehow I am lucky enough to be among those who have learned and benefitted from Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness.

I feel doubly lucky that both my parents learned to meditate. They started, not because I convinced them to, but because of changes they saw in me. Late in his life, my father once told me that he never knew he was stressed until he started meditating. I was startled by his comment. Anyone who knew my father, knew that he was stressed. but the profound implications of what he had said hit me later: To realize that he had been stressed meant that he had now experienced life free enough of stress to fully see the contrast. What a gift he had received. What a gift we all received. I go to India in gratitude.


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