Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Change is Constant
Reflections on change seem to arise naturally out of the news these days. From earthquakes and tsunamis to tornadoes and floods, change is affecting thousands and thousands of people. Even at a distance from these disasters, we are affected by observing these often catastrophic changes.

Do we notice the extremity of the changes and reflect on doomsday and the end of the world? It’s hard not to as as the mythic year of 2012 approaches. Or do we notice the extremity and manifold nature of these events and simply think how change is a necessary part of life. We may not embrace change immediately, yet we often have no choice but to go through it. We may find later that even an unwelcome change can, in the long run, be a short-cut to a better place, a better now.

In my own life, change has sometimes been catastrophic, sometimes mundane, but has always been constant. I’ve lived my life in periods or phases. I seem to have lived in certain locations or stayed at certain jobs for about five to seven years, and then–even if I’m not expecting it–something happens that causes my location or job to change. I suppose this topic came to mind because it will be five years in December that I’ve been at my current location and at my current job.

I enjoy my job and I like the community where I live now, but I do wonder if nature will suddenly uproot me and take me somewhere else. I hope not. I know it can happen though. I do find that even with 2012 approaching and the nearby course of the asteroid in November of this year, I am less concerned about the cataclysmic possibilities of change because I am more focused on the tiny daily changes I see in myself.

I am changing. My joy in life grows. I have a kinder relationship with the world. I value my blessings more. I am thankful for the possibility of transcendence on a daily basis, wonderful and loving friends, reasonably good health despite my frequent missteps of intention, enjoyable and life-supporting work, a comfortable home, and the bright sunshine on a cool, breezy day.

I know more change is ahead. Change is constant. I am happy though to be able to appreciate my current steps on the path. Don’t be afraid of change. 


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