Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Top Ten Reasons Why Writing is Transformative
Writing changes us. When we create text, the self-reflexive process of writing allows us to interact with ourselves, our minds, our feelings. The inward and outward direction of our awareness during the writing process transforms our experience our understanding, our knowledge, and our skill.

Writing is transformative because it–

1. Let’s us discover what we know.
2. Let’s us discover what we don’t know.
3. Helps us recognize and trust the natural organizing power of our own minds.
4. Spurs our thinking further.
5. Moves us into a reflective mode that lets us consider larger, more complex relationships.
6. Moves us into an analytical mode that allows us to examine the parts to get to the whole.
7. Moves us to examine and explore our language.
8. Stirs our creativity as we play with figurative language.
9. Establishes our own voices.
10. Reminds us that writing is itself a simple, natural process of self-expression that everyone can enjoy no matter the task or intention. 


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