Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Tracing the Blueberry Path from the Previous Blog
Directionality. Reflective writing does allow us to look inward, backward, around, and forward, feeling for connections, resonance, parallels, even incongruity among our own thoughts. These subtleties of pattern and signification are what help us develop meaning. We swallow blueberry juice from a glass and the taste carries us into the past: we remember standing in a woods, eating plump, juicy blueberries from a bush. We immediately understand the directionality of our reflections–from taste in the present to memories from the past of taste and of place. We are relating the present with the past through sensory resonance—the taste of blueberry juice and the taste of blueberries picked straight from the bush connect in our awareness. That resonance of taste creates meaning that has significance for us.

Choices. When we write reflectively, we can write beginning with directionality or write beginning with the resonance that connections create. The lack of constraints in reflective writing allow us to explore any approach, knowing either the directionality of our thoughts or the resonance of our thoughts may lead to further connections.. We can enjoy how our mind wanders. Thinking about the blueberry bushes from our childhood may lead us to other memories from the past, so for a while, we follow that directionality. We think about the path those bushes sat beside, where the path led, and why we were walking on it. We follow this pathway into the past as long as we are charmed by our thoughts. When the charm lessens, our thoughts may turn in another direction.

Resonance. We can pursue the resonance for a while, watching how meaning shapes itself. Why is the taste of blueberries important to us? We ramble around in our thoughts, pursuing that question for a while. We can follow our thoughts about blueberries into the present. We may find our signicance there, or we may turn to research to look for more meaning for the role of blueberries in our lives. The impetus for our meandering among our thoughts may run out. We may feel we have exhausted all we have to say about blueberries. We have traced the blueberry path as far as it will go for now.

Reflective Ramble. What have we learned? Blueberries are important to us for their taste (sensory experience), for their connection to appealing memories in our past (emotional experience), for the healthful benefits that have been recently discovered (physical experience), and as a vehicle down the writing path (intellectual experience). These benefits are rich, indeed, all for just a morning’s reflective ramble through our thoughts. 


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