Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Explore Your Senses and Write
Want to write and don’t know what to write about? Explore your senses and write about the experience as fully as you can. Put a strawberry in your mouth. Let your mouth feel it before you bite into it. Take a bite. Relish the flavor. Is there more than one taste? Does it taste sweet? Wild? Slightly sour? Refreshing? Healthy? How many ways can you describe the flavor?
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Support for Your Writing Journal
Every single day, dozens and dozens of writing ideas pass us by. Take a moment to snag some of those ideas to write about later on. I suggest using a practice similar to Oprah’s gratitude journal. Keep a Post-It tab beside your bed and each night before you go to sleep, write down three ideas that caught your attention during the day that you could write about in your journal the next morning (or whenever).
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Journaling–Sustainable Writing Practice
Journaling is a sustainable writing practice that has multiple benefits not only for the aspiring writer but also for the professional writer. Sustainability, a concept, normally applied to areas such as energy, agriculture, building construction, and more, is a useful concept for evaluating any practice, including writing.

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Writing Our Way into Reading
Writing can help readers access a text that is challenging to read whether the text is a literary masterpiece, a piece of governmental legalize, or a novel filled with abstract concepts. If we reflect on what we already know about the topic, then it is easier to move into new material. Taking a moment to write what we know about a subject creates a framework in our awareness on which to hang new information.

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