Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Childhood Road Trips
My earliest road trip memories come from when my family traveled a couple of time a year from western North Carolina across the Smokey Mountains to visit my father’s parents on the family farm in eastern Kentucky. Interstates 40 and 75 didn’t exist then, so we usually followed U.S. 25 north across the southwestern tip of Virginia into eastern Kentucky. U.S. 25 was then a narrow two-lane road that wound and twisted through steep mountain passes and along the French Broad and Cumberland rivers. Drop-offs on the outer edge of the road plunged down steeply into valleys into what were called “The Nars,” small narrow gaps between the mountains. Sometimes we drove through the “The Nars” and other times we wound our way to the top of a steep mountains then and down again.
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On the Road Home
The road trip I’ve repeated most often in my life runs from Iowa to North Carolina and back again. For much of my adult life I’ve lived in Iowa, but my family home was in NC, so two or three times  a year, I made the trek back and forth. I looked forward to these trips. I always feel free as soon as I take to the road, and I’ve made the trip so many times I didn’t need to worry about directions. I just took off and started driving.
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Neil Armstrong and I
I visited Europe for the first time the summer Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, 1969. My friend Junie and I traveled with a summer-abroad program offered by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which we attended, and by nearby Guilford College, a Quaker college attended by friends. We flew to England by way of Iceland as most cheap flights did at the time, landed in Brussels where we marveled at the architecture, spent a week in Paris looking at art we’d only before studied on page or screen, and settled for the summer in London.
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Road Trip Shepherdess

I may not have been herding sheep but taking even a small group of college students on a road trip can be a wandering and confusing drive. Where were those idyllic moments when I expected to be gazing at the lovely Iowa countryside or the moments when I would pull over to photograph another gorgeous barn with a quilt painted on the side?


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Road Trip Guest Post: “The Avenue of Saints” Guest Post by Mary Ellen Wright
                                                 The Avenue of Saints

Vision music praises Holy Mother

on the Avenue of Saints.

Bill and I travel with little bother

while soft chords dance around us.
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