Friday, September 19, 2014
Dara’s Top Ten Favorite Short Stories

All literature majors, whether undergraduate or graduate, eventually sit around and discuss what they would put on their lists of favorite stories, novels, poems, or plays. Though my lists tends to disassemble and reassemble themselves, my top-ten list of short stories remains the most stable. Below are Dara’s top ten favorite short stories (in no particular order except as they occurred to me):

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The Charm and Evolution of Story
Stories have charm.
From childhood on,
we are charmed by stories.
From the earliest fairy tales,
to graphic stories, to literary stories, we listen to or read stories with absorption and excitement. When the cave man came home and depicted his (or maybe her) hunt on the wall of the cave, storytelling was taking place. Stories came out of the oral traditions of all cultures around the globe. Curiously enough, these early stories, though widely separated by geography, including large oceans, shared many similar plots and motifs.
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Reflection–Dynamism and Stasis
I’m caught by the notion of stasis implicit in the dynamics of reflection. When we think visually of a reflection, for example, mountains and trees reflected in a pool of water, the dynamism occurs in the act of reflection–the bending back of the light rays–but the reflection itself is static (supposing the day to be windless and the water still). I believe part of the charm of reflections is this coexistence of opposites–the stasis and the dynamism together in the same experience.
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Epic Moment—Learning to Read
I remember the exact moment I realized I could read. I was in (hmmm . . . I think) the second grade. My family lived in a large drafty old house, and on Sunday mornings my father would get up early and light a fire in the livingroom fireplace to warm the house up. Then he read me the “funnies” from the Sunday newspaper. This time was a special ritual for me. The house was quiet. The fire was roaring. The cartoon “funnies” made me laugh.
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Writing Our Way into Reading
Writing can help readers access a text that is challenging to read whether the text is a literary masterpiece, a piece of governmental legalize, or a novel filled with abstract concepts. If we reflect on what we already know about the topic, then it is easier to move into new material. Taking a moment to write what we know about a subject creates a framework in our awareness on which to hang new information.

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