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Competition Ending July 2012
The Chester team placed 3rd in the competition: Laxman Bhandari (Nepal), Visakha Ly (Cambodia), Enkhbat Byambaakhuu (Mongolia), Phirada Khuon (Cambodia), Nan Cao (China)

The Digby team placed 5th: Gurmu Negeri (Ethiopia), Njei Akuro (Cameroon), Eshetu Debru (Ethiopia), Seka Ellepo (Ivory Coast)

The Baldwin team placed 7th: Xiaoxu Chen, Daina Zhang, Bo Wu, Yue Pan, Zhuo Jiang, (all from China)

The Andrews team came in 10th: Joseph Marquez (Philippines), Eliana Freeman (USA), Mila Zhang (China), Mokhlis Awad (Egypt)
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