Spring 2014
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Deep Sustainability and Maharishi's Vision of Enlightened Management
Through Consciousness-Based education, Maharishi University of Management offers every student the ultimate in deep sustainability. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in his book Maharishi University of Management equates pure, transcendental consciousness with the Unified Field of all the laws of nature discovered by physics. He explains how this Unified Field is the unmanifest field from which the whole manifest creation comes out and is sustained by the managing intelligence of Nature.

Management on this basis of Nature’s intelligence is the ultimate technology for deep sustainability on all levels from the individual to the universe.

In Maharishi University of Management, Maharishi1 introduces “Maharishi’s Master Management”, a system of management “designed to really actualize the meaning of the word ‘management’”: 
“Maharishi’s Master Management (MMM) is the supreme system of management. It introduces the organizing power of Natural Law into the fabrics of every area of management. The organizing power of Natural Law is that infinite organizing power which sustains existence and promotes the evolution of everything in the universe, automatically maintaining the well-coordinated relationship of everything with everything else” (p. 8).

Maharishi’s system of management aligns the individual awareness of the manager with the intelligence that manages the universe: 
“Maharishi’s Master Management maintains the managing intelligence of the manager in alliance with this supreme managing intelligence of the universe, and thereby renders his administration as automatic, problem-free, ever-progressive, and ever-evolutionary as the administration of the universe through Natural Law” (p. 8).

Maharishi explains how enlivening Natural Law within the manager’s awareness benefits all aspects of the manager’s activity:
“The advantage of maintaining the liveliness of Natural Law in the awareness of the manager is that the holistic value of Natural Law and the specific values of different Laws of Nature spontaneously remain lively in the manager’s emotions, his thoughts, his logic, his decisions, and his behavior—Natural Law gets spontaneously woven into the fabrics of all the different areas of the manager’s concern (financing, marketing, etc.) and makes management really complete and effective. There is no shadow of weakness in the whole range of the manager’s responsibility” (p. 19).

The benefit extends beyond the manager to the company and to all concerned:
“Maharishi’s Master Management…brings support of Natural Law to every aspect of management, nourishing and supporting the evolution of every area in the whole range of the manager’s concern, so that he enjoys the constant growth of the company, fulfilling the supreme goal of management—prosperity, progress, fulfillment, success, and peace—for himself and for all concerned” (p.8).

By engaging the managing intelligence of Natural Law within his own awareness, the manager can help to bring about deep sustainability in the company and in the world:
“Including the infinite organizing power of Natural Law in his management, within the range of his own authority, he will bring the collective consciousness of his company in alliance with Natural Law, and will open a new gate of fortune for peace, prosperity, and progress to be enjoyed by all” (p. 15).
1 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi University of Management: Wholeness on the Move. INDIA: Maharishi Prakashan, 1995, 2 edition.


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