Thunder Dragon Lecture Series
Iowa Senator Rob Hogg
Søren Hermansen: Creating a Self-Sufficient Society
The Rights of Nature: Making Sustainabiity Legal
Convocation Sept. 2nd 2013
Labor Day Weekend: Literature Reunion
June 6 - Alex Cequea World Record Speech Attempt
July 5 - 6 Deep Green Business Symposium
May 24 - 2013 Awards Ceremony
May 10-11 Women's Wisdom Weekend
May 8 - Richard Register
May 15 - Feeding our Future
May 5 - Stargazing to Sustainability
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Lecture Series: Conversations from the Land of the Thunder Dragon    
with His Excellency Thakur Powdyel, former Minister of Education of Bhutan
"Educating for Sustainability"
Monday, October 21 — 7:30 p.m. (central time)
with MUM Professors Lonnie Gamble and Chris Jones

"Gross National Happiness: Converting Theory into Practice"
Monday, October 28 — 7:30 p.m.
with Professor John Ikerd, author of Essentials of Economic Sustainability and Sustainable Capitalism.

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Featured Speakers and Panelists

His Excellency Thakur Powdyel most recently served as Minister of Education, Royal government of Bhutan (2008-2013), where he instituted the policy of Gross National Happiness into the education system.  He is a promoter of educational integrity, academic excellence, green schools, good practice, and national self-respect.

John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri.  He spent thirty years at North Carolina State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Georgia, and the University of Missouri before retiring in 2000.  He now spends his time writing and speaking on issues related to sustainability, with an emphasis on economics and agriculture.

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