Course Description
DE 121: Why our Brains Age- and What We Can do to Stay Youthful    
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In this course you will learn about this spectacular organ, how it is built and works, what can go wrong over time, and most importantly, what science can offer as effective, practical strategies to keep your brain humming along so that you can stay healthy and fully engaged in life.

This course will cover, in an enjoyable, easy-to-follow format, the latest brain research and the aging process. It will explain why aging dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease arises, not from "bad" genes, but from our lifestyle choices over many decades.

This course will discuss the life factors that put the brain at risk for dysfunctional aging and factors which we know can protect your brain and give it extra energy, balance, and even more cells! It will examine insights from modern science and from Maharishi Ayurveda that inform us about the nature of the aging process and how to maximize the body's innate intelligence.
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