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PHYS 110 Foundations of Physics and Consciousness: Discovery of the unified field and its practical applications for perfection in life    
4 Credits

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This enthralling introduction to modern physics presents the most exciting, cutting-edge scientific discoveries in a manner easily comprehensible to entry-level college students and lay physicists.

The most advanced principles of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, superstring theory, astronomy, and big bang inflationary cosmology are explored in detail and are illuminated by the most profound understanding of consciousness — Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness.

The course reveals how these latest discoveries of modern physics and the ancient Vedic science of consciousness are inextricably linked and, in the final analysis, describe the same ultimate reality of life: the Unified Field, a completely unified, self-interacting field of pure intelligence at the basis of the universe. In this way, these discoveries of modern science become directly and intimately relevant to the innermost life of the student. (4 credits)
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