Your Creativity
  • We are creative when we are truly connected to ourselves. At MUM learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, a simple, natural tool for unfolding your creative potential.
  • By practicing the TM technique, dissolve the stress that blocks your creativity.
  • Experience a deep level of your own inner awareness, and create from there. 
  • Create art more consistently, effortlessly and enjoyably.
  • Integrate the practice of art into your life and find your true artistic voice. 
  • "If we want to perform and create art from the deepest experience within ourselves, from the deepest level of our imagination, the only thing we have to do is to learn to operate from the faintest level of emotions, from the finest level of our feeling. But, we will only succeed in owning that finest level of feeling in the grosser expressions of life if Transcendental Consciousness is very well-established in our own awareness." —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Through Diverse Media

  • Learn to express yourself through drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and multimedia.
  • Receive personal guidance in small classes from dedicated and caring faculty who are professional artists.
  • Completely immerse yourself in each medium through MUM’s block system—one course at a time.
  • Become fluent in the universal language of art that can be applied to all areas of life.
  • "The skill of the artist lies in knowing what consciousness is and in knowing what it is made of. The skill of an artist is in maintaining that liveliness of consciousness and in his ability to transport it from inner consciousness to the paper, marble, clay, or wood; this transporting ability is the skill of the artist." —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

With the World of Art

  • Go on field trips to art centers like Chicago and New York City. Interact with accomplished artists who regularly speak in Fairfield.
  • Well-known artists and critics who have visited MUM include Agnes Martin, Rudolf Arnheim, Jack Burnham, Jack Tworkov, Suzi Gablik, Thomas McEvilley, Doug Beube, Jane Gilmor, John Duff, Laurel Farrin, John Dilg,Susan Chrysler White, and many others.
  • Gain inspiration from Fairfield's incredibly enlivening artistic atmosphere. Hundreds of artists, musicians, and dancers have moved here to be part of this unique meditating community. 
  • Enjoy a vibrant local arts scene with many art galleries, monthly Art Walks, a performing and visual arts center, and opportunities for internships.
  • Network with a global artistic community through Fairfield's diverse international population.
  • Explore art history—the traditions that influence modern art. Understand the context of contemporary artists. 
  • "The artist has to be a man of fully developed heart and fully developed mind. With full development of his heart, his life will blossom in fulfillment; and with full development of his mind, his life will be in harmony with everything around him." —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

James Shrosbree Art Department Chair    
   Office Location:  Arts Center 
Office Hours:  Mon 3:30-4:15  
Email:  james.shrosbree@gmail.com  
Phone: 641-472-7000 ex. 5035
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