Connect with the World of Art    

Visiting Artist Susan Chrysler White demonstrating on ceramic greenware for MUM students, 2008
  • Go on field trips to art centers like Chicago and New York City. Interact with accomplished artists who regularly speak in Fairfield.
  • Well-known artists and critics who have visited MUM include Agnes Martin, Rudolf Arnheim, Jack Burnham, Jack Tworkov, Suzi Gablik, Thomas McEvilley, Doug Beube, Jane Gilmor, John Duff, Laurel Farrin, John Dilg,Susan Chrysler White, and many others.
  • Gain inspiration from Fairfield's incredibly enlivening artistic atmosphere. Hundreds of creative people have moved here to be part of this unique meditating community. 
  • Enjoy a vibrant arts scene with many art galleries, monthly Art Walks, a performing and visual arts center, and opportunities for internships.
  • Network with a global artistic community through Fairfield's diverse international population.
  • Explore art history—the traditions that support modern art. Understand the context of contemporary artists. 
  • 'The artist has to be a man of fully developed heart and fully developed mind. With full development of his heart, his life will blossom in fulfillment; and with full development of his mind, his life will be in harmony with everything around him.' —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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