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DE125-KB: AyurVedic Cooking for Kapha Dosha    
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How to Balance Kapha Dosha with a Healthy Diet

Kapha dosha is one of the three Ayurvedic principles found in the body. A diet of rich foods, lack of exercise, and cold wet weather all contribute to Kapha dosha imbalance, which can lead to lethargy, excessive sleep, sinus congestion, and obesity. Kapha dosha can be easily balanced by eating warm, light, and dry foods, and using a variety of warming spices to improve digestion.

The main focus of the course is a healthy Ayurvedic diet. We will demonstrate how to cook delicious vegetarian recipes that are designed for the Kapha body type including soups, main courses, desserts, breakfast, and drinks.

The "Ayurvedic Cooking for Kapha Dosha" course is presented in a fun cooking show format with Ayurvedic cooks. The lessons also include short talks by MUM's top Ayurvedic experts.
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