Saturday, September 20, 2014


In Transit

Left Cedar Rapids in a thunderstorm. Choppy flight to Chicago, but events smoothed out at O’Hare. The group decided rightly that we would progress more quickly through the airport if I would use a wheelchair. I agreed and a charming man named Asif from Delhi wheeled us through security points, past all the long lines. We arrive at Air India an hour beforehand, but the flight was already boarded, so no wait there either.

We watched a variety of movies and meditated in between. Arrived in Delhi to rain–the monsoon season, everyone said, but not bad in Delhi.

Traffic in Delhi was every bit as chaotic as I had heard, but with a strange kind of order emerging from the chaos. On good advice, I let go and watched it happen. Cars veer in next to one another with complete abandon with only the honk of a horn. A moped-type truck summed it us with a tag on the back that read: HORN PLEASE!

First night in Delhi in a strange little hotel but I enjoyed the carved ceiling in my room.

Tomorrow Varanasi! 

Images: First two images courtesy of Richard Furlough.


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