Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Off to India–Land of Veda
I leave for India in two weeks, my first trip there. I can hardly believe it. The Taj Mahal. The Ganges. Rishikesh. The Cave of Vasistha. Maybe the exotic step wells or a passing elephant. The Monsoon season. The crowds, the cobras, the dust, the . . . Oops, going off track. Back to land of Veda.

After meditating for most of my adult life, I do feel a connection to India even though I’ve never been. I somehow expect to feels at home, despite any challenges of heat or crowds, of dust or rain. I want to enter the temples and feel the silence. I want to step in the Ganges and feel the connection to all rivers. I want to relax into a culture that is both exotic and familiar to me.

So, passport and visa in hand, I anticipate that the next two weeks will fly by, and soon my friends and I will be boarding Air India. Hmmm . . did I mention the 15-hour flight? Oh, for Yogic Flying perfected!

I’ll be blogging about my experiences throughout my trip, so check back in and see what’s happening. I’m trying out a new camera so hopefully the images alone will be worth your stopping by. I’ll try to announce each post on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook, just check back each week. Namaste.

Image of Rishikesh on the Ganges: Creative Commons license



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