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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sustainable Living Department Announces New October Course!
by - Leanne Hays

The Sustainable Living Department at Maharishi University of Management has a new and exciting course lined up for the October block, SL A102, Organic and Vedic Organic Agriculture.  This course, the first opportunity to learn Vedic Organic Agriculture for credit at MUM, will be co-taught by Dr. Peter Swan and Dr. Stacy Maurer.  Dr. Swan will give the morning lessons, which will cover topics including soil biology and fertility, composting, no-till planting methods, pests and weeds, and much more.  Dr. Maurer will take over in the afternoons, giving students practical, hands-on experience with the knowledge gained each morning. 

This is a for credit course, with students from all majors as well as community members welcomed.  If you are a student please see your adviser to add this course.  If you are not enrolled at MUM but would like to join this course please contact Leanne Hays at


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