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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sustainable Living Graduate Kelly Mae Heroux is Valedictorian for Class of 2013
At Maharishi University of Management's graduation ceremony this year the valedictorian was Sustainable Living major Kelly Mae Heroux. Ms. Heroux's moving speech to her fellow graduates and audience members reminded us all of the incredibly valuable community life we enjoy here in Fairfield, and of the many gifts afforded by our practice of Transcendental Mediation.  Kelly Mae recalled, "MUM has offered the perfect combination of dedicated faculty and staff, bright students, all seekers of truth, and this extraordinarily supportive environment for personal development. When I came here I was on a warpath against humanity and myself. I was deeply resentful of humans for the way I saw them treating each other and the Earth, and for the culture of greed and consumerism I observed everywhere. I resented myself for participating in this culture that conflicted with my deeper values, but too stressed and disconnected from myself to access the inner strength necessary to live the change I wished to see in the world.  MUM’s gentle daily routine and emphasis on the subjective aspects of knowing changed this for me. Unlike most colleges, ours advocates for healthy lifestyles and introspection. I learned how to take care of myself and connected with my inner wisdom. In time, through TM and then the TM Sidhis program, the anger and sadness within me was released and I had easy access to my higher potential."

The consciousness based education offered at Maharishi University of Management is meant to do exactly what Kelly Mae experienced.  Through daily practice of TM, students become more settled, centered, and self aware.  Stress is released, allowing for greater enjoyment of everyday life, reduced anxiety, and a feeling of calm and clarity.  It was this clarity and calm that allowed Kelly Mae to apply the knowledge from her classes to her larger world view.  Kelly Mae explains, "There is a great permaculture principle I learned in my education at MUM: “The problem is the solution.” In the same way I’ve realized that love is the deepest driving force behind all ecological processes in the world, whether it seems good or bad, within each challenge we will face in our lives, there is always a solution embedded within, and when you shift your attention from grievance or frustration to sincere wonder and gratitude for the experience, the gate of your heart will open for both the solution and love.
Thanks, Kelly Mae, for that reminder, and thank you, MUM, for spreading the message.


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