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David Goodman
Associate Professor of Management
Email: dgoodman@mum.edu
Home Phone: (641) 472-4894
Work Phone: (641) 472 7000 ext. 5506
Fax: (641) 472 1191

Associate Professor of Management
A consultant in the field of statistical process control, strategic planning, and business plan development


Ph.D. in Management from Maharishi University of Management

Research Interests

He has authored "Measuring 'Flow' in Occupational Settings", presented to the 38th Annual Conference of the Academy of Management, Midwest Division, and "Discovering Corporate Consciousness by Developing Both Individual and Collective Consciousness Simultaneously", presented at the Industrial Organization and Organizational Behavior Graduate Student Conference.
He is co-author of "Unifying Perspectives on the Executive Mind" and was moderator of the symposium session "Ethics in the Workplace: Duty-based vs. Utilitarian" at annual meetings of the Midwest Business Administration Association.
Dr. Goodman received his Ph.D. in July, 1996, from Maharishi University of Management. His dissertation topic concerns job satisfaction and a new construct called flow, which involves high involvement and high enjoyment in the work place at the same time.

Dr. Goodman has taught Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and Marketing Management.

He views business as a way to express creative intelligence and provide wealth for oneself and one's community and is convinced that meditating managers have an important contribution to make in every country.

He lives in Fairfield, Iowa, with his wife Rachel, who has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Maharishi University of Management.


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