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Narayanan, Vijayakumari

This dissertation presents the results from the Maharishi Program for Reading Vedic Literature in the original Sanskrit, a doctoral program structured by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to evaluate the benefits on the level of mind, body, and environment from regular use of Vedic sound.

The reading program is based on a unique understanding of the nature of the sounds of the Vedic Literature as fundamental frequencies of intelligence, the laws of nature responsible for all evolutionary processes in creation, including the human physiology. The prediction that reading the sounds or listening to them enlivens the fundamental field of intelligence accessible within human awareness, which is the source of Vedic sound, was verified by the results of the practice. It was observed that results arising from the previously adopted practices of the Transcendental Meditation® technique and the TM-Sidhi® program, comprising research in consciousness, were also enhanced, with all technologies accelerating growth towards higher states of consciousness.

The author found that reading the Vedic Literature in the prescribed manner produced two broad categories of results: i) a new category comprising cognitions and insights into the structuring dynamics of Veda and Vedic Literature and the nature of reality; and, ii) a category of eight pre-existing groups of experiences, which showed marked enhancement during the research phase. These groups were: i) refined perception; ii) refined feeling; iii) cognitions of Vedic Devatā and other manifestations of the impulses of creative intelligence responsible for administering creation; iv) spontaneous right action, and experiences revealing the structuring and organizing power of natural law; v) nature support, infinite correlation, and fulfillment of desires; vi) bliss; vii) intuition and premonition; and, viii) experiences of the Self as the witness.

The integrated practice of the technologies used in this program did not obscure the results arising from reading the Vedic Literature, but analysis also revealed the contribution made by both the “eyes-closed” and “eyes-open” methods to accelerated growth during the research phase, and more details of holistic growth of consciousness. Thus, the results show the value of this integrated approach for the holistic development of higher states of consciousness.


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