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Reporting Criminal Incidents
Promptly report the following qualifying incidents to 911 and then call the Campus Security officers, who are trained in police-reporting procedures.
  • All actual or suspected criminal activity.
  • Violence or threats of violence. Violence is defined as an unconsented touching of another which results in physical or mental harm.
  • Acts or behaviors that appear to pose a risk of danger to you or to others.
Reporting should be made by anyone who notices such activities - faculty, staff, or student. For questions as to whether a behavior is criminal or violent, call the University’s Legal Counsel (641-472-1175 or ext. 1175) after calling 911 and Security.
Life Threatening Injury, Illness, or Loss of Consciousness
Dial 911 from any phone. Stay on the phone until you are sure that the ambulance service knows how to get to campus and locate buildings on campus. An ambulance should arrive within minutes. Then call Campus Security at ext. 1115 (641-472-1115).
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