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Mattik, Liis
biomarkers of the allostatic load index and a psychosocial stress measure, the General
Health Questionnaire (GHQ-20), were also analyzed.

Results showed a significant reduction in the allostatic load index based on composite
T scores (pretest mean = 22.73 ± 2.83 and posttest mean = 20.13 ± 4.66; t (18) =3.46;
p=0.003; effect size=0.92), and a marginally significant reduction in the allostatic load
index threshold scores (2.63 ± 1.01 vs. 2.05 ± 1.13; t (18) =1.93; p=0.069; effect
size=0.57). Results showed a significant reduction in the individual biomarkers of SBP
(144.9 ± 7.29 vs. 136.72 ± 12.51; t (18)=2.94; p=0.009; effect size=1.12) and DBP (86.16
± 5.44 vs. 81.30 ± 8.5; t (18)=2.83; p=0.012; effect size=0.89), and in the psychological
distress measure: GHQ (23.54 ± 11.96 vs. 15.42 ± 10.34; t (18)=3.75; p=0.001; effect
size=0.68). Other individual biomarkers also changed in the predicted direction, but the
changes were not statistically significant.

Findings suggest that changing lifestyle with the Transcendental Meditation program
and health education of diet and physical activity may reduce overall allostatic load in
hypertensive African Americans.


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