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The Residential Life Department Team    
      The Residential Life Department is a combination of student and staff. We have teams of Residential Advisors “RA’s”, and Residence Directors “RD’s”, who are responsible for overseeing dorm life on campus. The purpose of the Residential Life Department is to create and facilitate the most ideal on campus living experience for our students. Below is a list of our current 2012-2013 staff.

List of names: RA’s, RD’s. Directors
HH. RD. Carlee Schroeder
HH. RA. Monica Dewi
HH. RA. Ari Redcross
HH. RA. Angela Seng
106-107. RD. Sonja Gobec
106-107. RA. Alexandra Warwick
140. RD. Chris Smith
140. RA. Mahmood
141. RD. Niyazi Parim
141. RA. Jaimini Boender
142. RD. Stephen K. Sufian
142. RA. Adam Gutu
143. RD. Bernard Markus
143. RA. Sreekanth Nair
144. RD. Sung Chull
143. RA. Emanuel Schachinger
       Each year, we take new RA applications in the spring semester for the next academic year. If you are interested in becoming a Resident Advisor, you can download the application (link), and when you complete it you can email it to the Associate Director of Residential Life (link), or you can deliver it in person to the Student Life Department, Office 105, in the Dreier building. Applications are accepted at anytime during the year, however they will not be reviewed until the middle of the spring semester. Application responses will be given before the end of the spring semester, so that students can make appropriate plans for the upcoming fall.
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