Lesson 1: Parts of the Boat
Lesson 2: Points of Sail 1
Lesson 3: Points of Sail 2
Lesson 4: Practicing
Lesson 5: Docking
Lesson 6: Rules of the Road
Lesson 7: Weather
Lesson 8: Racing
Lesson 9: Cruising
Lesson 10: Sailing Terms
Basic Knots
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The Recreation Department does not currently have any sailboats, however they do plan to purchase some in the near future.
Learn to Sail — Lesson 1: Parts of the Boat    

 Parts of the Sails
A strip of stiff material (usually fiberglass) inserted into a sail pocket to shape its leech
Clew The aft bottom corner. Sheets attach to the clew of a jib or spinnaker, the outhaul attaches to the clew of the main
Foot The bottom edge
Head The top corner of the sail to which the halyard attaches
Leech The aft edge
Luff The front edge
Tack The forward bottom corner of the sail
 Parts of the Boat
Block The nautical term for a pulley
Boom A horizontal pole that attaches to the mast and is used to extend the foot of the mainsail
Bow The forward part of a boat
Centerboard A pivoting plate used to balance a boat and lessen leeway
Cleat A fastening around or in which lines can be secured 
Hull The primary structural body of a vessel, not including superstructure, masts or rigging
Keel A boat's fixed underwater part used to prevent sideways drift and provide stability
Line Any piece of rope on a boat
Mast A pole placed vertically on a boat used to support sails
Painter A line attached to a small boat's bow used to tie it to a dock or another boat and to support sails
Rudder A boat's movable underwater steering board
Shackle A metal fitting connonly used to connect sails and halyards
Shrouds and Stays Wires that hold the mast upright (the front one is the forestay)
Spreader  Struts attached to the mast to increase the holding power of the shrouds
Stern A boat's afterpart
Tiller A wooden or metal "stick" used to turn the rudder
Wheel A steering apparatus
Winch A metal drum-shaped object around which lines are wrapped to make trimming them easier
Transom A boat's afterpart that is square to its centerline

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