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Post-Graduate Certificate in Lean Accounting    
This certificate program is open to anyone holding an MBA degree. Candidates must have already graduated with their MBA or have completed all degree requirements and be eligible to graduate at the next graduation date. This program is only available on-campus in Fairfield, Iowa.

  • Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting from an accredited university, or equivalent (e.g., chartered accountant courses), as approved by the department.
  • In addition, you will need to pass an online accounting test to verify your understanding of basic financial accounting practices in the USA.
Certificate Requirements:
  • Students meet twice a week with the professor
  • A minimum of 18 units of academic coursework over three semesters , as follows:
    • STC 508 Science and Technology of Consciousness (2 units) (May be waived if student has previously taken either this course or the Science of Creative Intelligence course.)
    • MGT 5853 Systems for Developing Organizational Excellence (2 or 4 units)
    • MGT 5854 Lean Management Principles (2 units)
    • MGT 5855 Lean Accounting I (2 units)
    • MGT 5856 Lean Accounting II (2 units)
    • MGT 5857 Cases in Lean Management and Accounting (2 or 4 units)
    • MGT 5858 Implementing Lean Accounting in Organizations (2 or 4 units)
    • MGT 5980U University Internship (6 units)
  • Students are required to take MGT 5858 in conjunction with MGT 5980U University Internship during which the student will participate in a project to implement lean accounting innovations in the University.

For more information about the Post-Graduate Certificate in Lean Accounting, and to apply, contact the Admissions Office.
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