Dale Divoky, B.A. Program Director
“Maharishi University of Management students have a genuinely receptive attitude to the learning process. This promotes an unrestricted flow of knowledge and experience.”


1973 - BFA (painting/sculpture) Alfred University
1976 - Became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation
1978- 80 - Studied sculpture with John Clague: Cooper School of Art
1980-82 - Studied privately and assisted w/ John Clague
Teaching Experience:

1984 to present - Assistant Professor of Art, teaching courses in: Sculpture, 3-D Design, Drawing, Art and Nature, Environmental Art, Art of the Self and the BFA Studio/ Seminar Undergraduate Advisor Director of the BFA Studio/Seminar
1997 - Outstanding Teacher Award
2002 - Outstanding Teacher Award
Sculpture Workshops: 1990-93 - Taught sculpture courses in portraiture for the National Foundation for Ceramic Education in:
Los Angeles, CA
Cleveland, OH
Louisville, KY
St. Louis, MO
Anaheim, CA
Selected Works:

Commissions/Work in Public Places:

Meradith Building (Better Homes and Gardens), Des Moines, IA
New York State Capital, Albany, NY
Mario Lanza Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Smithsonian Institute (Natural History Hall), Washington DC
City of Fairfield, Fairfield, IA
University of Iowa Hospital, Iowa City, IA

1996- Iowa Arts Council for the Rose Labyrinth
2003- Iowa Arts Council for Ceramic Beetles and Koi
Group Exhibits: 1996 - 2012

Invitational and Juried - Throughout the US
* artwork currently on exhibit

Huntington Valley Gallery, Huntington, OH
Anita Singer Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Adam Whitney Gallery, Omaha, NE
Des Moines Art Center, Iowa Artists Exhibit
Americus Diamond Gallery, Fairfield, IA
Argo Gallery, Cincinnati, OH *
Ceramic Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Chait Gallery, Iowa City, IA *
Eclectic Eye, Davenport, IA *
Figi Museum Gallery, Davenport, IA
Icon Gallery, Fairfield, IA
Mississippi Gallery, East Davenport, IA
Paragon Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Sally Trout Gallery, Sarasota, FL *
Wallace Gallery of Fine Arts, Longboat Keys, FL
Unity Gallery, Fairfield IA
Teeple Hanson Gallery, Fairfield, IA
Smithsonian Institute (2 Person Exhibit) - Ceramic Beetles
Solo Exhibits: 1996 - 2012

Argo Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Sally Trout Gallery, Sarasota, FL
Teeple Hanson Gallery, Fairfield, IA
Des Moines Botanical Garden, Des Moines, IA
Gallery Downtown, Iowa City, IA
Unity Gallery, Fairfield, IA
Papers Presented on Maharishi’s Consciousness Based Education and Art: (1992- 95)

FATE (Foundations of Art Theory and Education)
St. Louis, MO
Colorado Springs, CO


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