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Assessment Measures    
  1. Final Project 
    Over two months students do a final project that may be either focused on explaining the research on a particular innovation, on creating a curriculum unit or course, or on explaining and demonstrating a particular approach to teaching. The criteria for a satisfactory final project are given below:
    This paper or project presents complete and appropriate evidence for the innovation, curriculum, or teaching method that the author has chosen. In the case of a curriculum project, the curriculum is well developed following the design introduced in the curriculum course and incorporating design principles from both contemporary practice and from Consciousness-Based Education. In the case of teaching methods, also, the approach and the implementation incorporate elements of both approaches using the format for lessons introduced in the course on Consciousness-Based Education. The written part of the project has all of the elements included, with no errors of any kind (grammatical, spelling, punctuation, etc.). All research has been carefully documented by textual references and a complete bibliography.
  2. Final Presentation 
    In addition to the written summaries of the final projects, students are asked to present to the department faculty and one outside evaluator the results of their work.  The criteria for this presentation are:
    1. persuasiveness of the case made for the innovation, the curriculum, or the teaching method; 
    2. effective oral communication skills, including the effective use of graphics; and 
    3. knowledge of the field of education, the context for the innovation, curriculum, or teaching method, both in the presentation and in the questions.
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