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IT and A/V items available for loaning to Faculty or Staff    
We are very pleased to offer A/V and IT items for loans to current staff and faculty.  These items are available for true University related events and classes only, not personal events such as parties, social-events, or club-meetings.

Current Staff members can sign out A/V items for one or two day events.  Current Faculty members can sign out A/V items for an entire block.   You will need to show that you are a current staff or faculty member.   If you need to sign out items for longer periods of time, please email the IT dept director to get his permission.  All items are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.    There is no currently no cost for borrowing A/V and IT equipment.

Please be extremely careful and cautious when handling A/V and IT items so as to not to damage them.  These items are very delicate and cannot easily be replaced.

Please come to Verrill Hall #17 during office hours (10a - 4:30p Mon-Sat) to sign out these items.

If you find that you are needing to borrow that same item month after month, please ask your dept. head if they can buy this item for you, rather than just borrowing the item over and over.  In this way, you will be guaranteed to have the item available for you when you most need it.

Please contact the A/V manager (x2288) if you have questions, or a special need.

Here are the items available for loaning to current staff or faculty members:
Portable video projectors, including "VGA" cable (4).  If you a planning to use a Macintosh computer with this, you will need to provide you own "Mac to VGA" adapter.
High-quality portable Public Address (PA) system ("The Anchor").  This PA needs to be plugged in, so it is not truly portable.  Includes handheld wired mic, lapel wired mic and required cables.  Stored in a hard-shell case on dolly (1)
Regular (non-bluray) DVD players, including required cables (4)
VCRs, including required cables (3)
Portable "Elmo" visual presenter camera system - high resolution (1)
Flatbed "Elmo" visual presenter camera system - low resolution (1)
Dell "Inspiron" mini-laptop computer - in rubberized "wallet" (2)
Altec Lansing "BX1120" Powered Computer Speakers (1)
Economy computer speakers (2)
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