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Visionaries Offer TED-Style Talks in Dalby April 20

“Our Conscious Future,” a conference to be held on April 20, will feature remarkable thought leaders and innovators presenting the most recent discoveries and solutions to help enhance individual life and change the world.

The short presentations, featuring world-class speakers and local luminaries, will be in the style of the intellectually stimulating TED Talks that are popular on the Internet.

The speakers will discuss how the latest advances in mind, body, society, and the study of consciousness are converging to create new paradigms for humankind.

The speakers will include:

Pamela Peeke, NIH researcher and TV host, who will explore the neurological basis of food addiction.

• Thomas McCabe, IT genius and inventor whose theory named after him — McCabe Complexity — has influenced software development, will explore “the geometry of consciousness.”

• Prudence Farrow Bruns, of the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence” fame, will chart the evolution of yoga in the West from its modern day flashpoint in 1968 in India, when she and the Beatles were on a course with Maharishi.

Fr. Gabriel Mejia, who has helped rescue over 100,000 impoverished street children in Colombia, will speak on his successful programs.

John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist, science and public policy expert, educator, author, and proponent of peace, will explore the latest breakthroughs in quantum physics, consciousness, and our ability to manifest individual and collective desires.

• Keith Wallace and Fred Travis, MUM mind/body researchers, will speak on the brain signatures of high-performance individuals.

Lonnie Gamble, a widely recognized pioneer in sustainability and founder of the off-the-grid Abundance Ecovillage, will explore consciousness as the cornerstone of any true sustainability.

Hosted by MUM’s Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, the event will be held Saturday, April 20, in Dalby Hall in the Argiro Student Center from 1:00–4:30 p.m. and 7:45–9:30 p.m.

To register, see

Admission is $25 general, $15 for staff, faculty, and IA, and $10 for MUM students.


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