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Sustainable Living
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I graduated in January, 2010.

For the last two blocks of my undergraduate career I went to Europe to intern with a soil technology company. During my time with the company I found myself learning less about soil science and more about business and what I did and did not like. The internship transitioned into a job but soon after the project I was working on ran out of funding so I went looking for the next adventure. I spent the next year traveling and working on internet marketing projects with a few other MUM graduates. I currently work full time on our internet marketing company Galaxy Ninja.

I feel that my sustainable living degree helped prepared me to start my own business because through out my education I saw seemingly impossible projects manifest from nothing with creativity and elbow grease.

My sustainable living degree made me acutely aware of efficiency, resources and systems. I have been delighted to discover these concepts have been equally helpful when translated into a business setting. I frequently find myself turning to permaculture as a guide to navigate business decisions.

I also feel that my sustainable living degree helped develop a set of ethics that I consider the foundation for everything I do.


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