Program Learning Assessments
Curriculum Table for MA Courses
Graduation Assessment    

Below is the table with the learning objectives for the program and how they are assessed. We use two major assessments:

  • Writing portfolio, developed throughout their one-year program
  • Final Capstone
    • Assess Sanskrit (continuous improvement throughout the program)
    • Summative Statement (5-8 page paper), based on Journal of Experiences throughout the program
    • Academic Writing (12-15 page paper) that integrates Written Portfolio
    • Presentation (15-20 minute)

Learning Objective Assessment
1. Holistic development—growth of higher states of consciousness
  • Summative statements during Final Capstone.
  • Use of MVS technologies such as reading Vedic literature, TM-Sidhi, respect for a good routine.
2. Read the Vedic Literature smoothly in Devanagari on a daily basis with attention on correct pronunciation.
  • We support continuous improvement of reading Sanskrit in all the classes. Fluency in reading Sanskrit will be tested during the Final Capstone
3. Appreciation of the value of Maharishi Vedic Science and its technologies for development of consciousness.
  • Reinforced in all classes and assessed in Final Capstone and in Written Portfolio
4. Understand key concepts and fundamental principles of Maharishi Vedic Science, including their sequential logic, and how they apply to the solution of problems in various areas of society.
  • Reinforced in all classes and assessed in Final Capstone
5. Understand key research findings on the technologies of Maharishi Vedic Science in various areas of life, and master the fundamentals of the scientific method, including the ability to answer theoretical research questions using source documents in Maharishi Vedic Science.
  • Reinforced in all classes and assessed in Final Capstone
6. Develop effective written and oral presentation skills, including appropriate use of PowerPoint.
  • One writing intensive course, MVS 555 Absolute Theory of Government, and Capstone
7. Be prepared for a career in Consciousness-based professions
  • Number of students who:
    • take training in the TM-Sidhi program;
    • go on to PhD; or
    • go on to TTC program

The above information is subject to change any time. Students already enrolled at the University should contact the graduation director for their degree

Curriculum Table for MA Courses    
This curriculum tables present the main objectives of the graduate degree in Maharishi Vedic Science as columns, and the courses in the major as rows.  In the cells are the letters "I" for initiate, "R" for reinforce, "M" for mastery and "A" for major assessment. These indicate the courses were each objective is dealt with in the major.  There is a lot of detail here; but it gives the full picture of the graduate program. (Click on chart for larger view.)

View the file: Curriculum table masters.pdf
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