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Alumni Profiles    
Graduates of MUM business programs have achieved remarkable success and are living their dreams. Read below to see what they're up to.
Heather Hartnett    
When Heather Hartnett’s (BA, Business Administration, 2005) boss pulled her aside at a fundraiser hosted by their nonprofit foundation and asked her to interview someone on camera, she readily agreed to it. But when she took a seat in the small backstage studio opposite Ringo Starr, that was another story. Next up was Mike Love of the Beachboys. Then Eddie Vedder and Sherly Crow. And Russell Brand. READ MORE
Shane Zisman    
“The main benefit of MUM and Consciousness-Based Education for me was learning how to become clear within myself," says Shane Zisman (BA, Business Management, 2003), 32, an MUM graduate who went on to earn a law degree at Vermont Law School and became an environmental lawyer. "Once you've done that, you can have specific desires and watch them manifest in the world through the support of nature." READ MORE
Marci Shimoff    
There are MUM alumni career success stories — and then there is Marci Shimoff (BA, Business, 1979). Marci is the woman's face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, as co-author of six bestselling titles in the Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul series. Her most recent books, Happy For No Reason and Love for No Reason are also bestsellers. In all, Marci's books have sold 15 million copies and have been ... READ MORE
Charlie Fritch    
When Charlie Fritch (BA, Psychology, 1978) makes a sale, it’s usually a multimillion-dollar deal. Charlie, a Maryland resident, is owner and Chief Executive Officer of MBA Hotel Brokers, a commercial real estate firm that brokers the sale of hotels. Hotel brokers find, list, and sell hotels, and then guide buyers and sellers through the myriad of details necessary to complete the transaction. And Charlie is very good at it. READ MORE
Alan Phillips    
“Support of nature” is a term sometimes used to explain why positive events occur in your life when you live in harmony with universal or natural law. That may have been the force at work 17 years ago when Alan Phillips (BA, Science of Creative Intelligence, 1990; MBA, 1991), decided to start a vocational college in Vancouver, Canada in media arts studies — just as the city was poised to expand into an international ... READ MORE
Eric Rusch    
Eric Rusch (BA, Business Administration, 1982), owner of Breadtopia, enjoys the challenge of being a small business owner and online breadbaking expert. His web-based business has created a vibrant online baking community and features recipes, articles, product research, educational videos (created by Eric), personal correspondence, and a Baker's Store of carefully chosen products for sale, from baguette pans to ... READ MORE
Jimmy Moore    
Question: How does a grassroots community radio station in rural Iowa manage to get in-person interviews with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Candy Crowley, Amy Goodman, and Joe Biden? Answer: 1) By being located in the town of Fairfield (home of MUM) during presidential campaigns, and 2) through the hard work of radio visionary Jimmy Moore (MBA, 1985). READ MORE
Ray Baptiste    
In 2004, Ray Baptiste was working as a project manager at a large telecommunications firm in Barbados. Over a 20-year career she had held a variety of positions, from quality control engineer and technical specialist, right up into management. But her current employer had been experiencing turbulence, and Ray felt she wanted to make a change. So, when a new telecommunications company came onto the scene ... READ MORE
Stuart Valentine    
Put your money where your ... heart is? According to Stuart Valentine, that's the best path to wealth and happiness. While typical investment pros spend most of their time managing their clients' investments, this socially responsible financial adviser does that and more — he helps clients define their “destiny path” and then builds an investment portfolio to support it. “It’s fulfilling to invest in ways consistent with ... READ MORE
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