Alumni Profiles    
Your career with an art degree
MUM art majors learn the principles of problem solving, design and creative thinking, which can be applied to many different careers. Students gain competence in manual skills, are thoroughly grounded in technical knowledge, and gain an understanding of materials and processes in specific areas of art. Our graduates enjoy careers as artists, educators, designers and photographers, as well as in arts administration, advertising and website design. Many have chosen to go on to graduate school.
Amy Van Beek    
Amy Van Beek (BFA, Painting, 2004) has built residential neighborhoods, designed commercial office buildings, co-founded an off-the-grid community, and equipped corporate and government buildings with high-tech renewable energy systems. She's earned a reputation as one of the top green building experts in the Midwest, and has been featured in newspapers, magazines and on TV. READ MORE
Benek Lisefski    
There are website designers and there are website designers. While some have put up sites here and there, Benek Lisefski (BFA, Digital Media, 2005) has worked on some 100 websites for clients in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand and Australia over a 10-year career in which he almost never lacks for work. Projects, in fact, usually find him, through word of mouth, referrals, and companies who surf their way to his impressive portfolio. READ MORE
Mikaila Maidment    
“Emotion drives my work,” says Mikaila Maidment (BFA, Fine Arts, 2001; MFA, Fine Arts, 2005), 33, a children's book illustrator and graphic designer of product packaging, logos and websites. "Feeling an emotional connection to a character or a subject is the spark that gets me going.” READ MORE
Annie Blecher    
Annie Blecher (BFA, Digital Media, 2005) has found a way to see the world — and make it a better place. Annie has been to 20 countries in six years since graduating from MUM in 2005. She is in charge of business development at Maharishi Institute, a nonprofit university founded by an organization that has pioneered the “virtually free” education movement of South Africa. READ MORE
Other MUM Art Graduates
Paul Moore, internationally known commercial photographer whose clients include Sony, Dell, Saatchi, Random House, Simon Schuster, Ebay, Hewlett Packard, and Williams Sonoma.

Josh Podoll, painter and clothing designer, represented in top galleries. His creative clothing company is based on sustainability, organic materials, and ethical employment practices.

Radim Shreiber, designer at Sky Factory, an innovative interior design company. He recently won a national award in photography from  Smithsonian Magazine.

Ceyrena Kay, Earned a master's degree in landscape architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Alek Bohnak, MFA UC Davis, gallery operations manager at Blue Line Gallery in Roseville, CA. He also teaches part time at the Crocker Museum of Art in Sacramento and maintains a studio at Verge Center for the Arts in San Francisco, where he recently had a one-person show.

• Maria Merino, cultures and values coordinator for Four Years Go, a campaign to inspire people with the possibility of a different world, a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

Mikaila Maidment, self-employed artist and designer who specializes in book design and illustration. Read her full profile.

Laura Guthrie, self-employed artist and designer

Shana Cordon, self-employed artist and designer

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