Thursday, October 02, 2014


Sustainable Living at Maharishi University of Management: Consciousness is the Key
David Lynch FoundationMany of the blog posts on the Sustainable Living website are updates about specific events and opportunities happening in and around the Maharishi University of Management and greater Fairfield community, but for this post I'd like to get back to basics.  MUM is a consciousness based university, and the primary way we develop our consciousness is through twice daily meditation.  When meditation becomes an integral part of your lifestyle it becomes like water to a fish - it's all around you, you're swimming in consciousness and it gets deeper and richer every day.  It can be easy to forget what things were like before Transcendental Meditation, and difficult to remember gratitude for the opportunity to find and use this knowledge. 

Something that reminds me to be grateful is reading and hearing about the work the David Lynch Foundation is doing throughout the US and around the world.  I remember when I learned to meditate, almost five years ago at a David Lynch Weekend at MUM.  I don't remember the exact day that I learned TM, but every year around the end of April I think back and feel an enormous gratitude to MUM, the David Lynch Foundation, my TM teacher, and Maharishi for dedicating his life to raising the consciousness and happiness of the world. 

If you're interested in learning about how TM improves lives and communities check out this article from Edutopia and this short video about the turnaround at a troubled San Francisco middle school.  In the words of one teacher, "I've seen a 180-degree turn. Students are more peaceful, friendlier, and get along better."  In addition to improved behavior school officials report increases in academic performance, and even a significant jump in teacher retention rate.

For those skeptical that a simple meditation technique can impart such a positive impact, think of it this way: stress can cause ulcers, high blood pressure, weight gain, and insomnia - stress can literally kill you.  If all these terrible things can happen because of stress, just imagine the opposite end of the spectrum.  What would happen if you removed all that stress, allowing your body and mind to function in some way other than panic mode?  How would you feel?  How would your reactions to friends, family, and even your not so favorite people change?  Wouldn't you like to know?

If you're curious about how Transcendental Meditation can improve your life, visit the website and check out their content.  I promise you it will be time well spent.


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