Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Sustainable Living Course Offerings Block 12
The Sustainable Living Department, like the rest of Maharishi University of Management, operates on a block system.  This means that students study one subject at a time for a month long, full-time stretch known as a block.  Classes run for four hours Monday through Friday, with two breaks for meditation, and for two hours on Saturday, with one meditation break before lunch.

The benefits of this system include the ability to dive deeply into each subject without having to divide attention between four or more courses, as at a typical university, as well as a set routine that makes it easy to incorporate class time, homework, rest, exercise, and social time into each day.  Additionally, with a change of subject occurring each month there is always a new topic to look forward to!

Sustainable Living students can count on at least three, if not four or five courses being offered each block.  One of these is always a “core” or required course, the rest may be electives or components to one of our various “tracks”, which are comprised of at least four classes, designed to build on each other and give students a greater level of expertise in a particular subject. 

If you’re a Sustainable Living major and have not yet signed up for your Block 11 course, please read below and register soon!  If you’re a prospective student or major, this will give you an idea of the range of choices offered each month.


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