Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sustainable Living Community Events Update: Rocket Stove Workshop!
Sustainable Living Community Events Update: Rocket Stove Workshop! Come to this weekend workshop and learn how to build a masonry stove from readily available and inexpensive materials.

The Sustainable Living Department at MUM is at the heart of a vibrant and ever growing community wide sustainability movement.  Every week there are new events to explore and learn from, and this week I'd like to share a fun, practical, and knowledge filled weekend workshop coming up October 26 - 28.

The workshop begins Friday the 26th with a meet and greet where you will connect with your fellow workshop participants and instructor, followed by a power point presentation covering the main features and advantages of the rocket stove.  On Saturday the 27th course participants will visit a cob cottage with an operational rocket stove, then learn the design principles needed for rocket stove construction.  Next a catered, organic lunch will be served before we dive into the construction process and put together the "bones" of our stove.  To cap off the day we will visit one of Fairfield's many restaurants for dinner (cost not covered by workshop fee).

  On Sunday the 28th we will get to the messy and fun part of rocket stove construction - making and applying the cobb to finish the stove.  Be prepared to get covered in mud, and dress accordingly!  At the end of the day you will take away not only your new found knowledge, experience, and friendships but also a copy of Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves You Can Build by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson.

  The cost for this weekend course is $80, which includes catered, organic meals.  If you wish to bring your own food the cost will be $50.  These prices are very generous for the value of the course and materials; our thanks to the Sustainable Living Coalition and especially Ken Walton for putting together this community event at such a low cost!  Please contact Ken at kwalton@natel.net to sign up for the course, and hurry - there are only 12 spaces left!

  A special note for out of town guests who wish to participate, there is an off the grid guest lodge, the Sweetwater Bunkhouse, within easy walking distance of the workshop site.  If enough people are interested, they can pool their resources and rent the entire lodge for the weekend; up to ten people are allowed to share the space if the entire bunkhouse is rented, and this would be a savings over a conventional hotel.


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