Sunday, September 21, 2014


Sustainable Living Community Events Update
Sustainable LivingJIM HIGHTOWER!

At the JFAN Annual Meeting, Wednesday, October3 "Jim has the rare skill of being able to get people from different perspectives to really listen and think about his ideas. His humor disarms opponents and his policy proposals inject a strong amount of common sense into debates that have become polarized by stereotypes." - Rural Sociological Society 


Taking Back Our Food and Agriculture 

Wednesday, October 3 7:30 - 9:30 pm Fairfield Arts & Convention Center Featuring JIM HIGHTOWER - New York Times Best-selling Author - Former Two-term Texas Commissioner of Agriculture - Nationally Syndicated Radio Commentator and Newspaper Columnist Jim Hightower, the country’s #1 populist, on transforming an industrial ag food production system into one that is safe, sane, and sustainable. 

How can we really make this shift? Get the lowdown from Jim! 

JFAN President Jim Rubis will provide an update of JFAN activities. Plus a Q&A with Jim Hightower at the conclusion of the meeting. 

Attendees will receive a FREE copy of CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories - the book that was sent to over 900 state officials this June. Both hard cover and soft cover (without illustrations) will be available.

Admission is free. A $5 donation helps JFAN protect Jefferson County's quality of life.

Co-sponsored with our community partners: Solar-powered KRUU-100.1 FM, Sustainable Living Coalition, Sierra Club Leopold Group, Radish Magazine, and Little Village Magazine

Thank you to all our corporate sponsors: Maharishi Ayurveda Products, Int.; Radiance Dairy; Fairfield Accounting Services; David Sykes, P.C. Attorney at Law; Central Park Gallery of the Arts;  Arc Films, Hawthorne Direct; The Organic and Non-GMO Report; Michael and Shweta McBurnie; John Newton -; Jim and Ginger Belilove; SolPower People; and Global ID Group



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