Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sustainable Living Grad Stays on as Student Activities Director
Sustainable Living Graduate Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson – Serving MUM Students
By Livia Cole

Josh Wilson started his banking career as a teller at the age of 18, and quickly earned the title of operations manager at a Citibank branch in Los Angeles, California. In 2007, he lost his job due to the financial crisis, which made him reconsider his career.

“I started a landscaping business to make money, and sustainability came up,” Josh said. “I thought that would be really interesting to major in, because it’s future-proof.” After researching several universities, he chose MUM because it offered a comprehensive degree in sustainability.

Josh arrived in 2009 and immediately participated in student activities: for four years, he hosted many events, including the annual Ecojam fashion show. He also served as treasurer, and later as student body president of Global Student Council, and ran the peer mentor program for a year. In the Sustainable Living Department, he was chosen to be the student liaison.
Josh graduated in May 2012, receiving the Outstanding Student Award from the Department of Sustainable Living and the Outstanding Service Award from MUM Alumni Association. Right after graduation, Josh learned the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programâ„ .

“Joshua’s goal was to create a better experience for all of us – better organized department, better standards for scholarships, and more engaging courses,” said John Collins, associate chair of the Sustainable Living Department. “He has worked with conviction and persistence, patience and charm, and good humor.”

Josh learned the value of customer service during his banking career, and took to heart the importance of student satisfaction and retention. As the new director of Student Activities, he is committed to continue serving the students. One of his goals is to integrate wellness into student events by offering more outdoor and physical activities.

“TM has made me become more of a world citizen,” Josh said. “It has made me look at everything in a more holistic, complete manner. I have learned to be a better sustainable person which will allow me to help the world be more sustainable.”


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