Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Corn Crib House: How an Old Farm Building Became a Snug Little Home
'The Crib'Hi, I’m Leanne Hays, Administrator for the Sustainable Living Department at Maharishi University of Management.  I love my job because I get to keep up to date on all the areas of sustainability and green living the SL Department teaches: green building, agriculture, applied soil technology, eco-philosophy, renewable energy, and so much more.  I enjoy multi-tasking and learning all day long, what could be better? 

You may already know from perusing this website that Fairfield, Iowa is home to individuals and groups passionate about pushing the frontiers of sustainability.  Whether on a personal, university, or community level, Fairfieldians love to bring innovative and sometimes quirky ideas into fruition and enjoy the results.  Sometimes things work out perfectly, other times... not so much, but we take notes so as not to repeat the same mistakes, then shrug it off and try again. 
Check out my first published article "Corn Crib House:  How an Old Farm Building Became a Snug Little Home"to learn about one of Fairfield's latest successful experiments.  Long time resident Dan Walker built the corn crib house to host interns at his community project and farm, Cypress Villages, where interns are offered a variety of learning experiences including: tree planting, compost production, hoop house construction, permaculture projects, and organic gardening.  This is just one of many internship opportunities available to Sustainable Living majors at MUM, and a perfect pick for students who haven't yet chosen a specific field of focus and would like to experience and learn a bit of everything. 

So read on and enjoy, I hope my article inspires you to bring your own wild, green ideas into reality!

"Corn Crib House:  How an Old Farm Building Became a Snug Little Home"

   There’s a small house on Highway 1 north of Fairfield that has a secret history. If you saw it from the outside—and maybe even the inside—you would never guess its former identity. 

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