Wednesday, August 27, 2014


New Sustainable Living Building is Open!
John Collins, member of faculty reports: Great celebrations here in our new net-zero Sustainable Living building.

I'm in my office and eight minutes ago the electricity recharging my lap top was a thermo-nuclear reaction in the sun. A second ago it was a puff of wind passing the building. The roof is held up by whole Aspen trees, sustainably harvested nearby. The walls of my office are 2 million years old dirt from across the road pressed into bricks by our students. We are plugged into nature and it feels great. 

Actually it's a huge relief to switch on a light (LED of course) and know that no coal is being burned or nuclear waste created. We don't want to change the climate with more CO2 or give people heart and lung disease from coal emissions. We don't want to create highly toxic radioactive waste for which no one has a disposal solution. As it happens, in practice we don't need to switch on the lights very much because the building is fully day-lighted naturally through some brilliant design features. 

The building is also in tune with nature at a very profound level. The front door faces East to the nourishing rising sun and the different rooms are placed around the building to maximize on the energy qualities from the sun at different times of day. The rooms are pleasantly proportioned. All this comes the ancient knowledge of Vastu Architecture which our founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has re-established.

I can breath the building's air deeply with no fear. Why? It complies with the 'Bau Biology Certification.' This is a German system to ensure minimal toxicity of any kind in a building. And if there's too much CO2 in a classroom due to people's breath, then a sensor switches on an air pump that draws in fresh air from our geothermal earth tubes.

This building is fantastic. Come and see for yourself!


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