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Learn the TM-Sidhi Program in December 2014-January 2015    

Center Invincibility Course #77

To Develop Higher States of Consciousness,
Bring Life in Accord with Natural Law and Create Heaven on Earth

"Every hop becomes a cosmic smile for the whole creation" -Maharishi
The most powerful aspect of the TM-Sidhi Program is the Yogic Flying technique. During the first stage of Yogic Flying, the body lifts up and moves forward in short hops. Subjectively, one experiences exhilaration, lightness and bliss.

Information Meetings (one is required before attending Application Meetings)

WHEN: Saturday, November 1st or Saturday,November 8th at 1:30
WHERE: North Peace Palace 1080 North 4th St

Application & Orientation Meetings (one is required)

WHEN: 1:30pm Sunday,November 2nd or Sunday, November 9th
WHERE: North Peace Palace 1080 North 4th St

Requirements for the TM-Sidhi Course

  1. Two months of regular practice of the TM Technique.
  2. Attend 1 weekend TM retreat before CIC #77 begins.
  3. Completion of 4 Advanced Techniques. Note: Full-time residents of Fairfield, and M.U.M./MSAE students are exempt from this requirement.
  4. Two months since your last TM Advanced Technique instruction.

Course Dates:

    Part 1 – In-Center part of course: December 4th - 21st. Thursday and Friday Evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Note: Meetings are outside of class time so you can continue in your Block 12 class.

    Part 2 – Flying Block part of the course: December 26th - January 9th, 2015. Two weeks in residence over winter break. Students (including those already on-campus) move into special on-campus housing for this part of the course.

Course Fees for MUM Students

Part 1 –In-Center part of course

Tuition: $1,250

1. Partial scholarships of $750 may be available from the David Lynch Foundation for students who commit to doing their TM-Sidhis program, including Yogic Flying, in the Domes, at least 40 times each month for the next 12 months. This brings the course fee down to $500. Apply at your application meeting.
2. MUM Student Government may be offering small scholarships to MUM students. Please see Kris Wood for information on how to apply.
3. US Students with financial aid can check with the MUM Financial Aid Office (641-472-1156) to see if you are eligible for any additional loans.

Part 2 – In Residence Part of the course

Dormitory on M.U.M. Campus: $950
Maharishi Peace Palace: $1,520
U.S. students who think they might be eligible for Financial Aid need to contact the Financial Aid office at 472-1156.


Contribute to national coherence and world harmony

by doing your program in the Golden Dome.

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