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Streicher, Christoph
Weight changes of biological and chemical material in a thermodynamically closed system.

Order No. 9318167

The basic research to test the validity of the law of constancy of weight during chemical reactions was done by Landolt /1/, /2/, /3/, Manley /4/. Irregularities in the data of these experiments and the research of Hauschka /6/ on weight changes of sprouting seeds in a thermodynamically closed system suggested a reinvestigation of the question of constancy of weight for chemical reactions and for biological material.

The reduction of silver nitrate to metallic silver was chosen as chemical reaction. 3.5 g silver nitrate was reduced in 250-ml gas tight round bottom glass flasks, silver lining the inner glass surface. Sprouting seeds were used in biological experiments. The total weight of the flasks was monitored over several days with an electronic Mettler AE 163 balance, readability 0.1 mg and a mechanical two-pan Volant balance readability 0.2 mg. 25-ml flasks with accordingly smaller silver lining were weighed with and an electronic two-pan Sartorius balance with vacuum capability, readability 1 micro g. Control flasks contained water or glass balls.

Extensive artifact research was conducted. Some of the weighings were done under constant temperature and constant relative humidity.

Significant deviations from constancy of weight were found in the range of 0.2 to 1.5 mg for the 250-ml flasks and up to 0.06 mg for the 25-ml flasks. For sprouting seeds deviations of the same magnitude were found. Deviations of positive and negative amounts and zero results were obtained. Results were reproduced in blind experiments by five different experimenters. Experiments during eclipses implied a relationship of weight changes with planetary constellations. Source: DAI, 54, no. 03B, (1993): 1449


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