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Luimes, Arthur
Solution propagation in stimulated Raman scattering for inhomogeneously broadened media.

Order No.9534646

This dissertation describes the propagation and generation of solitons in stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) at low intensities for homogeneously and inhomogeneously broadened media. It includes a theoretical and numerical analysis of the propagation of SRS solitons, and a numerical analysis of their generation. The effects of broadening and of frequency detuning of the pump and the Stokes beams off exact Raman resonance are included in the equations describing SRS. The main result is that even though SRS solitons decay in homogeneously broadened media for a non-zero value of the detuning, they are stable in inhomogeneously broadened media to lowest order in the linewidth. The analytical method that is used employs physical conservation laws for energy and the total phase shift of the soliton. In the perturbation theory, the solutions of the damped equations are assumed to be of one-soliton form as functions of time, with position dependent parameters such as width, amplitude and temporal position. Good agreement is found between the analytic results from the perturbation theory and direct numerical integration of the equations of motion describing SRS. Source: DAI, 56, no. 06B, (1995): 3263


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