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Rawal, Sunil Christopher
Dynamical supersymmetry breaking at the weak scale and the determination of the dilaton amd moduli vevs.

Order No.9713471

This dissertation demonstrates a mechanism whereby generic string-inspired supergravity models naturally and dynamically break supersymmetry and determine the vevs of the dilaton, moduli and Higgs fields. The key to the mechanism is to make an explicit construction of string-inspired supersymmetric models renormalized at M sub z where the parameters are considered as a function of undetermined field vevs. The field dependence of the gravitino mass and gauge coupling at low energies provides sufficient structure to determine the vevs of all scalar fields. We determine necessary conditions for stable minima (and hence a dynamically determined gravitino mass) in supersymmetric SU(N) models. In the context of the SSM, renormalization effects of the top-quark Yukawa eventually trigger instability of the potential at the origin. Thus, supersymmetry breaking naturally turns on at the weak-scale. The excellent phenomenology of the SSM is then inherited by our mechanism. We show that a mu-term of non-renormalizable origin naturally stabilizes the theory. With these demonstrations in hand, we go on to explain how the mechanism avoids non-renormalization theorems of supersymmetric field theories and string theories. Source: DAI, 57, no. 11B, (1997): 7014


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