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Tanaka, Toshiaki
Supersymmetric flavor changing neutral currents: exact amplitudes and phenomenological analysis (squark mass matrices)

Order No. 9323143

I present an exact calculation of the most general supersymmetric amplitudes for $Ksp0-bar{K}sp0$ and $Bsp0- bar{B}sp0$ mixing resulting from gluino box diagrams. I use these amplitudes to place general constraints on the magnitude of off-generational, flavor-changing mass mixings in the squark mass matrices (with arbitrary chirality structures) that can arise both in and beyond the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). I use the renormalization group equations to estimate these mass mixings in the MSSM and in non-minimal supersymmetric models in terms of a general parameterization of universal soft supersymmetry breaking.

I show that while these mass mixings are too small in the MSSM to yield any observable effects, the converse is true in most nontrivial extensions of the MSSM, including supersymmetric GUTs.

In non-minimal supersymmetry, the $Ksb{L}-Ksb{S}$ mass difference in sensitive to such contributions from supersymmetric particles with masses up to 100 TeV (10 TeV for the $Bsb{L}-Bsb{S}$ mass difference), and the CP impurity parameter $epsilonsb{K}$ is sensitive to sparticle masses up to 1000 TeV. I show that supersymmetric CP violation can be predominantly "superweak" (i.e., contribute mainly to $epsilonsb{K}$) or "milliweak" ($epsilonspprime$) depending on the chirality of the off-generational squark mass mixings. The rare decay $bto sgamma$ is less sensitive than the aforementioned constraints, but probes somewhat different squark mass mixings. The lepton number violating decay $muto egamma$ is very sensitive to off-generational slepton mixing for sleptons up to a TeV. All these processes provide valuable information regarding the structure of physics beyond the MSSM pertaining to arbitrarily high mass scales, including the nature of supersymmetry breaking. Source: DAI, 54, no. 04B, (1993): 2024


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