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More Student Comments    
Students comment about the experience of Consciousness-Based Education

My life has taken a complete turn upon my arrival to MUM
"My life has taken a complete turn upon my arrival to MUM. In my old university I was attending 5 academic classes at a time. I was completely stressed out all the time. My time was limited with school and work. I felt I was completely losing my mind and my physical body, I gained a lot of weight having to eat fast food with the limited amount of time I had on breaks. When I discovered MUM, I came immediately. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth, because of the philosophy my parents follow. My mentality completely changed. For once in my life, I actually enjoy sitting down and doing homework. Homework is no longer a drag or task that must be done. I enjoy academics. I surprise myself with the knowledge I can recall from class. I had the time to heal my soul. Also take care of my physical body in a healthy manner. When I become a teacher I hope to use some CBE methods so my students can feel as good as I feel in my life."

My experience of CBE is wonderful.
"My experience of CBE is wonderful. I have always struggled in school, not because I was incapable of learning it was as though nothing stuck. I would learn and forget. Nothing resonated within. I’ve been meditating for a year now and I can fell and see a complete change in every aspect of my life. The most important thing that has changed is my ability to know a subject on a deeper level so that I am able to actually remember what I learned."

I have truly learned how to think on a deeper level of awareness.
"If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would eventually learn how to think I would have told you that you are nuts. I first would have thought I was too old to change my thinking patterns and second, the way I think is just fine. After practicing TM for a year now I have truly learned how to think on a deeper level of awareness. When I think of things it feels like it sits in my soul and gets absorbed by my body, which allows me to make the best decision possible for myself. I feel that all my thoughts flow naturally and effortlessly through me."   

This change has helped me to feel in control of my life
"To me, learning to think means first learning where thinking itself comes from, contacting this field, and establishing it in my awareness. This way, I am not just intellectually aware of where thoughts come from, but I know, from direct experience, the source of thought within myself. When I was in high school and did not practice Transcendental Meditation, I could only see the surface level of life. I saw the manifestations of my schoolwork, my family life, and my relationships with others, but I saw nothing more, I did not see the source. I felt out of control because when problems came up with people in my life, I had no understanding of anything but the problem itself and as Maharishi says, problems cannot be solved on the level of problems. When I came to MUM and started meditating regularly again, the same things that happened to me in highschool popped up again, only this time, they no longer felt like problems because I could understand the situation from beyond the level of the problem itself. This change has helped me to feel in control of my life and is guiding me to become a more confident and capable individual."

"Consciousness-Based education is unique because students in this system not only learn the different subjects, the students actually experience the source of these subjects. Students develop full brain functioning through experiencing the depth of knowledge rather than experiencing just the surface, or physical levels of it. Students are able to do so much more than just talk about topics or theories. They are able to do more than just contemplate and analyze. They are able to experience. Simply put, through the regular experience of Transcendental Consciousness, students are awakened to the potential of the genius within. 

From a Chinese Student:
"As a student in the Consciousness-Based University, my experience is quite different from before. I was shy and pessimistic before. I did not like to talk to anyone about anything and always had no interest in anything. I was used to looking everything in a pessimistic way with bad mood, bad temper, and always anxious about something in routine life. After study several months here with a healthy, balanced schedule and Consciousness-Based Education in classroom. I find my heart is becoming open little by little and I adapt to different interpersonal relationship gradually. Deep peace and bliss is rooted in my heart and I learn to enjoy the friendship, the organic food, and harmony environment."

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