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Wolfson, Richard M.
Generation and propagation of Raman solitons at high intensity

Order No. 8921896

This research is a theoretical study of the generation and propagation of solitons in stimulated Raman scattering at high intensity. This study extends previous research by incorporating, in particular, effects of the Stark shift and medium saturation, in addition to the detuning of the fields off medium resonance and the broadening of the Raman linewidth due to collisions in the medium (collisional coherence decay). The main result is that by balancing the above effects, the maximum pump intensity can increase over propagation even with damping from collisional coherence decay.

The research employs both numerical and analytic techniques. The analytic method from soliton perturbation theory assumes soliton solutions of the damped equations to be of the one-soliton form as functions of time. Good agreement is found between the analytic results and direct numerical integration. Source: DAI, 50, no. 06B, (1989): 2475


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